Linda Steider & Haley Menton “In Search of Flower Fairies”

Haley, my niece, and I have searched for flower fairies since Haley was two years old. We’ve looked in every corner of every garden we’ve ever been in, and believe we caught a glimpse of one last summer. We finally decided the best way to find fairies is to pretend we are fairies. These portraits represent our fairy selves.

Haley’s portraits are my rendition in glass from her original drawings. She included one of her ‘real’ self and her ‘fairy’ self in flight.

Mine show a metamorphosis from ‘believer in all things magical’ to ‘inquisitive seeker of all truths’ to ‘wizened memory spouter’.

4” x 4” tiles, using Bullseye powdered glass atop a white base. Process temperature was 1300˚ Fahrenheit to retain texture and dimension.


The artist formerly know as Stan said...

Anybody that takes the time to streach a kids imagination, to make the leap required and see the kids eyes glaze over into another grander world will be rewarded many times over. Thank god someone took the time with me.

Nicole Hanna said...

Wonderful control of the frit...you must have tons of patience...working with frit is bad enough, but to guide a child thru it also...


Susan B said...

I think you and Haley had too much fun looking for flower fairies together. What wonderful memories you have created.

The textures enhance the pieces.

My favorite tile is your youngest self. What wide eyed wonderment.

Terrie Corbett said...


These are delightful! I enjoyed the story of you and your niece and your search for flower fairies. What a special relationship. You are both very lucky! Nice job on bringing Haley's drawings to glass and nice work on your fairy tiles.
(I enjoyed your website also)